O Onmuvo

Onmuvo a website that makes it easier to use local services. It helps you find what you need in your area, check the business opening hours and pricing, and leave a review for others after you've been there. Here are some things you can do on Onmuvo:

Discover great places nearby
Search around and find great local businesses like hair salons, gyms, day spas, lawyers, dentists, restaurants, pizza places, coffee & tea, and more.

Read and write reviews
Leave reviews of all the places you have visited and find new exciting places by reading reviews from other Onmuvo members.

Follow interesting people
See what others are reviewing and what they have to say about interesting places they have visited.

Bookmark your favorite places
Have you found a great local business and want to keep it close so you can find it instantly? Bookmark it!

Customize your profile
Tell everyone about your favorite movies, cities, what you love doing for fun, and something about yourself ...

Founding members

Josip Juhas
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